What Does Your Brand Stand For?

And why the answer is important

What does this brand say about the kind of person I am, or want to be?

Do you ever think about that? I mean, in relation to your station…

Maybe it’s just my personality type (I’m an INFP in the Myers-Briggs personality typing) but I think unless you’re satisfied with purely transactional relationships — in other words, being a commodity — it should be on your mind every day.

I say that because, increasingly, “Brands need to demonstrate that they are passionate about something more important than their product.

Brands need to invite their consumers to become part of a movement.

Here, take 4 minutes and watch this:


The question is: “How will engaging with (your station) help me to become a more effective champion of the most important, meaningful, or inspiring interests in my life?“*

In my opinion, especially if you target Millenials or Gen Y, standing for something more than profit will become ever more important.

The best part of this transformation is what you get out of it.




*All quotes from Mike Arauz