What A Great Mother’s Day Promotion!

Somebody earned their pay with this one.


All of us who fly frequently have stories about babies on our flights.

When my son was an infant, on his first-ever flight, we followed our doctor’s advice and gave him a little Benadryl to help him sleep.

The doc also explained it might help his ears handle pressurization, which frequently makes babies scream on take-off and landing.

We were flying to Dallas, a short flight from Denver, and wouldn’t you know it, he screamed like he was in boiling water the entire way.

Seriously. Not one silent second.

No place to go. Nowhere to hide. We tried everything we could think of.

Nothing helped.

So I have a lot of empathy for moms and dads flying with babies. It’s a long, stressful day for them and they’re hoping their child will shut up as much as you are.

I absolutely love the way Jet Blue used this universal irritant to everyone’s advantage. Watch:


There’s a lesson here: How can you turn a universal negative into a positive?

Don’t you just love creative minds!