Westminster Kennel Club

Dogs rule!

It’s that time again.

The Westminster Kennel Club Show started Monday night on the USA Network.

I love seeing all the breeds, and so many beautiful dogs in one place.

And I especially love that all the dogs seem excited once the winner is chosen, whether it’s them or not. It’s kind of hard to imagine humans being this happy when a rival is chosen over them.

Just think of The Bachelor.

The dogs don’t really care about this beauty contest. They just enjoy doing what their trainers ask them to do, and being with the other dogs, of course.

And I also love all the wonderful Pedigree commercials that remind us to adopt shelter dogs.

Like this one, entitled “Heroes,” voiced so beautifully by David Duchovny…


Or this one, entitled “Mary Grace,” that doesn’t even need words to make an emotional connection…


If you forgot to set your DVR, don’t panic. You can see all the breeds, and winners HERE.

Then open your heart, and your home, to a dog.

You’ll get back so much more love than you give, your life may never be the same.