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The NAB Show: Where Content Comes To Life

Sounds impressive, so futuristic.

So, how’s Vegas?

Hopefully, you’re winning because you’re probably not learning all that much. I think all of us who attend conventions realize it’s for the personal meetings more than the big sessions. Vendors and consultants go hoping to sign you, or at least impress you with their presence.

So, have you met lots of the bright, young up-and-comers, the 20-somethings who will reinvent Radio, who are busy developing new content ideas, new formats, and new packaging?

Here, I’ve got a quote for you…

Are we fostering the innovation needed to attract the best and brightest? Just gaze out into the sea of white, middle-aged faces for that answer.


That quote is from an editorial in  Advertising Age, the March 14 issue, p. 12. The headline says: QUIT COMPLAINING ABOUT TALENT AND DO SOMETHING.

It’s short. You should read it.

Then take a look around you.

Do you see Radio’s future, or are you looking at its past?