Welcome To Tampa


The major networks — ABC, NBC and CBS — have already said they will only devote one hour of coverage to the RNC in prime time.

Can you blame them?

Who, besides rabid political junkies, could stomach hours of this bloviating? (Though watching delegates and candidates blown off their feet by a hurricane may help ratings)


The guys producing the “Show” understand what they need: Emotion, with a capital E…

What you hope viewers take away is emotion. Emotion is what grabs people and makes it memorable.”

That’s Don Mischer, who produced the DNC in Boston in 2004.

Two questions:

  1. Do you plan to watch and do you think watching changes anyone’s mind when it comes to voting?
  2. How is the experience of listening to your station any different than watching what has become predictable, the political conventions?

Consistent is not the same as predictable. Predictable is your enemy.

Emotion is your goal, every time I listen.