We Were The Lucky Ones

June 6th


“There were over three million Jews in Poland before World War II. By the end of it, 90% of them were murdered by the Nazis.

This show tells the harrowing story of a Jewish family in Poland that gets separated at the start of the war and their desperate, courageous efforts to be reunited.

It serves as a reminder of the tyrannical forces the Allies were fighting to defeat on D-Day.” (GZERO)

Once again, a fascist tyrant has brought war to Europe, slaughtering thousands of innocent civilians in Ukraine.

Once again, America needs to lead the free world and support those fighting for their country and their lives.

Our parents and grandparents were up to the test in 1944, sacrificing their futures – their lives – to save the world from a cynical murderous despot.

We are not being asked to give our lives in this cause, as earlier generations of Americans were; only our financial and technological support.

How can we say, “No”?