We Need…

Measuring what matters.


A common mistake of youth: defining impact as the size of audience we reach, instead of the difference we make to each person we reach. Meaning comes more from mattering to a few than from being known by many.” ~ Adam Grant

You and I work in a medium that pushes us to measure our success, our value, by the size of our audience.

That’s not going to change.

But that doesn’t negate the other way we can measure our success: the difference we make in the lives of those who listen to us.

The work I push you to do is about mattering to at least one – sometimes only one – person today.

That person is not your PD, or your GM. That person is a listener, a listener who has come to you today needing something s/he thinks you are better at delivering than any of the other air talent in your town.

Look, no one can make every listener happy every break because we all come to you needing different things at this moment. So, don’t try to please everyone every time you speak.

Strive to matter!

That happens when you are as unique as you were born to be.

That happens when what you say and how you say it are actually heard.

It happens when you obsessively focus on one person and what that person needs right now.

It can be a different person next break, with different needs, but please her — matter to all of them — one at a time.

Maybe THIS STORY can help.