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We Got This

We Got This

We got next!


It’s our turn to step into the breech, push out of our comfort zone, and do the work.!

Click HERE and HERE to find out how to be a poll worker in your state. Most other questions you have about registering, voting, and encouraging others can be found HERE.

We know armed militia members and various white supremacy groups will be at many polling locations, hoping to intimidate voters, especially voters of color. We know that because our current President has asked them to do that. Black voters have dealt with this since Reconstruction. Don’t let them scare voters away before they’ve cast their ballot.

You are needed and this will help so much. Please consider it.

Also, you can volunteer to drive elderly voters to their polling locations. You can encourage every single family on your block to vote.

Nothing you can do is more important than helping create a massive turnout of voters so we can reclaim our nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


I really like this spot too. Thank God for powerful, tireless women.