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We Forget

We Forget

Over and over and over…


I’m not sure Radio has ever spent real money to train those who critique our work.

Most PDs work their way up the ranks of air talent.

Most GMs do the same in the Sales department.

We just throw these people into management without the least thought of the damage they can do to real, live people who work for them.

I know. That’s me too.

And we forget that those we judge may not have the highest self-esteem to begin with.

We’re all animals, and we hide our weaknesses.

We don’t want others to notice our lack of self-confidence.

We don’t even want to acknowledge how much other’s words hurt us.

We all long for acceptance and affirmation.

We forget that really talented people sometimes need that too.

Save this one and watch it before your next critique session or employee review.

Don’t forget this time.