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We Are The Problem

We Are The Problem

Admit it…


It’s easy to bash consolidated Radio for refusing to consistently market its local stations.

It’s easy to claim that if we had more money, we would have better ratings which — should — lead to higher revenue.

But how many radio stations do you hear that are worth marketing?

It’s up to us to create something so unique, so entertaining, so consistently unpredictable and compelling that telling our story would actually command attention and increase listening.

It’s up to us to create a story worth sharing, a story re-created every hour, every day, so it never gets old in the telling.

That story requires extraordinary talent, in every daypart, not just mornings.

It requires extraordinary management, focused relentlessly on making one station truly great, rather than overseeing 5 stations viewed as value-added spot buckets in which to dump enough commercials to meet an arbitrary revenue number.

It requires creating 60 minutes of content an hour from the viewpoint of listeners, not CEOs.

It requires a much longer horizon than this week, or this month, or even this year.

That story requires us — our programmers, our managers our owners — to think of each station as an investment in the future of the medium rather than a cash cow to be milked to death.

And all of that is very hard work.

Are you up for that?

If you are, I will help you any way I can. All you have to do is ask.