We All Work On Commission

Including Morning Shows…

Remember the ‘good old days’ when Sales was Sales and Programming was Programming?

Programming people, which includes all air talent, were frequently reminded that we had no idea what it’s like to be Sales and suddenly make less money one month because we are not paid on commission.

Well, I’m pretty sure that’s changed.

It’s definitely changed in PPM markets, and if PPM hasn’t reached your city yet, it will, so this is something to heed.

As Seth puts it so eloquently: “…in a digital world, where everything can be measured, we all work on commission.

If you work in a Morning Show, and you’ve believed (naively) that the decimation of Radio Talent over the past two decades has somehow missed you, think again.


My nightmare is suits with pencils and spreadsheets, staring at PPM results, minute by minute, and deciding that Ryan Seacrest talks too much.

It’s already happened.

You are not immune.

If you’re talent, the way you’ve been paid is probably about to drastically change.

How are you ramping up your content to meet the inevitable?