We All Need This

But do you have it?


You may think this story doesn’t apply to you, not to your job. After all, you don’t work in a medical facility.

But you would be wrong. We all need this.

Before you click on the link I’m providing, understand the term “psychological safety.

Got it?

Does your station team know you have their backs? Do they feel safe to make mistakes?

Do YOU feel safe to make mistakes? Who backs you up with those who could get you fired?

Ok, with those specific people in your mind, you’re ready to read THIS.

Our crises may not be life-threatening, but the idea of support, of making everyone who reports to you feel safe, and more, to make them feel your confidence in them, is a key to their future success.

It’s what good parents do. It’s what good managers do. It’s what leaders always do.



I found this beautiful lesson on Swissmiss.com



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