Wanna Know A Secret?

I think you do…


Many people spend a lifetime trying to figure out what they should do with their tragically short life.

We obsess over what others think of us, how they see us.

We strive for success as a road to status and wealth, as validation of our worthiness.

We chase happiness as though it was a destination to finally reach so that we can relax and bathe in its warmth.

If this isn’t you, it is almost certainly someone you know really well.

I’m not sure how it happened, nor when, precisely, a few decades ago at least, but I somehow lucked into the truth.

The secret to happiness…


I just know who I’m not, and that’s all right with me.

That’s from a Margo Price song and it’s a priceless insight.

Know who you’re not and accept it.

Success and happiness will take care of themselves.