Voluntary Ignorance

Guilty as charged!

One of the things I want to do with this blog is expose you to thoughts and voices you don’t have time to find on your own.

Like this gem from Constructive Grumpiness (whose name I love):

Voluntary Ignorance:

1) The decision to ignore the things around us by assuming they will go away and that things will remain ‘the way they’ve always been.’

2) Focusing on increasing one’s knowledge or growth in an area which is moving closer to extinction.

Many News organizations did this.

Many Financial Institutions did this.

Many of us are doing it right now.

Most of the time, technology is the principle factor in the change taking place. Regardless of what industry you are now in, technology is going to change it.

Here’s a simple fact: If your sales force is selling “spots” and “schedules” in the same way they always have, and if your goal is to increase “rate” or get the “market price-point” higher, you’re guilty of voluntary ignorance.

You might not need me to make you aware of that, but what I’m hoping is that someone forwards this to the guys above you, and below you, who may help you step off the ledge and start walking wherever you fall.

Because the path most of us are on right now, isn’t going anywhere we will want to be in a year or two.