VIP Access

Everyone likes feeling special

One of the things Ryan Seacrest understands is the backstage pass. He often uses Twitter, FB, and his web site to offer VIP access to his fans.

It’s easy for us to forget that some people like to see what happens behind the screen, before you turn on the mic.

Think about how excited you were the first time you got to see one of your favorite artists backstage before the show.

Some Morning Shows stream live video, but there are lots of ways to let the listeners who care feel special. You shoud be posting behind-the-scenes video on your web site every day.

And, if you own an iPhone, creating backstage stories just got easier because of this new, and free, app: Blurb Mobile.

While I’m a big fan of the Flip camera, Cisco just announced last week they’re shutting down its production, almost certainly because every good smart phone now comes equipped with HD video capability.

I’m not advocating narcissism; this isn’t about stroking your ego.

It’s about showing whoever cares what life is like inside your station.

It’s about making them feel special and finding one more way to engage them and deepen your relationship.