Video & The Radio Star

No longer the future…

We all realize that much of the time we now spend online is used watching videos or other images. It’s the reason Facebook and Twitter and Google all spent billions to acquire services like Instagram, Vine, and Ptch.

So how often does your station’s talent create personal videos for your station website?

If you answered with anything less than “daily,” you’re missing an opportunity.

Every smart phone is now capable of producing high quality video, so even if it’s nothing more than sharing a bit of what goes on behind the scenes while the show is happening, it’s worth shooting and sharing.

No, it won’t attract hundreds of thousands of your listeners, but it will attract some, and it will engage the very listeners most likely to give you the most quarter-hours.

It can be video of your pet doing something cute, or a prank you play on another jock inside the building, or just about anything you can think of that lifts the curtain between you and your listeners.

The only rule is, keep it short. The shorter the better, just like on-air bits.

Stop talking about doing it, and just start doing it. Every day.

Engage. Encourage reaction and make sharing easy.

It’s no longer the future. It’s what you need to be doing right now.