Yes, please…


We really are in a golden age for television, so many wonderful series that I have to make time to watch some of them on a single long flight to Europe or Asia.

And so I just finished the majestic Season 1 of Victoria on PBS.

I have great affection for Britain.

I grew up in Malaya, finished my primary education at a British school there, and I majored in History in college, so it is possible that this period of British history is part of what I so loved in this PBS production.

Possible, but unlikely, as I think you’ll find for yourself if you watch it.

It is the true account of the long and tumultuous reign of Victoria, who became the most powerful woman in the world, the Queen of England, at the age of 18.

We often forget that these heroes and heroines of history are just people, like you and I in some ways, totally unlike you and I in others.

And it’s in the telling of her story that we find even greater respect and wonder for this amazing woman.

PBS has to produce content so extraordinary that we will pay extra, out of our own wallets, to continue seeing it.

That’s something we, in Radio, could learn.

You can find all 7 full episodes HERE.