I don’t know if you’ve discovered Vice on HBO. If not, you need to.

They have over 1 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and their demographics are much younger than any of the broadcast networks news shows.


Because of the way they report the news.

You feel as if you’re there with the reporter and camera. You feel equally at risk when they confront danger and death.

Also, counterintuitively, their stories are covered with much more depth than you can find on the networks nightly newscasts. More like NPR and PBS except without the stuffiness and sense of self-importance — and for a younger generation — Vice fleshes out 2 or 3 stories in each 30-minute segment.

So much for the shorter attention span of Millenials we hear about so often.

The content feels raw, it feels real,” and you watch it play out just as the reporter right there on the scene does.

The third season of Vice kicks off tonight with an amazing story: Killing Cancer

One more reason I pay to subscribe to HBO. Vice alone would be worth the monthly price, but the new season of Game of Thrones starts soon, and I would pay double what I’m paying to see that every week.

So, the takeaway for us in Radio is pretty clear. We need compelling, proprietary content, in many forms, non-musical content that listeners would willingly — and repeatedly — pay to hear.

How’re you doing on that?