Using Humor on AC Radio

It works!

I am sometimes accused of favoring emotional content that makes one cry more than that which makes one laugh.

I do not.

Laughter is as universal a human emotion as grief, and as universally healing.

So if you are gifted enough to be truly funny, as is the female lead host on an AC client of mine, you are doubly blessed. And, yes, this show is ranked #1.

A woman able to make other women laugh.

Why don’t we hear this in more markets?

Why have we relegated most women in Morning Shows to caricatures, to support roles as laughers, and traffic-givers, and…as less than they really are in life?

Here, watch this. Trust me, you’ll find it humorous. She’s funny.

Imagine that…


So, is there a really good Morning Show in your market led by a female host? Share it.

Let’s find the Top 10 funny, female-hosted AC Morning Shows. Nominations from Europe and Asia accepted too.