Unpredictable And A Bit Dangerous

How’s that for a business card maxim?

Who do you most enjoy listening to?

Is it the air staff on your station, or someone else?

I know when I have a choice, I want to listen to someone who’s unpredictable and a little dangerous.

What will he say? Will she start crying?

Will I hear something that makes me gasp and then laugh out loud?

Will I hear real anger and outrage? Hilarious double entendres?

Will I hear a voice trembling with emotion?

If you’re predictable and safe, I’m not worried about missing anything. That’s why I hate most liners. (Liners can be unpredictable and dangerous too, but that’s a different post. Think JACK, from years ago.)

If you search your memory bank a bit, you’ll remember air talent you loved, and I doubt any of them were bland and happy liner-readers.

Not Imus. Not Stern. Not John Records Landecker. Not Delilah. Not even Ron Chapman. Even he didn’t always know what he was going to do and say — and that’s why he ruled Dallas for over a decade.

I don’t care what the music format is: my favorite Classical music announcer was totally unpredictable, and totally honest — and that trait made him dangerous on-air.

Time to scare your PD a little.

Time to make your listeners hear about something they missed because they were listening to the other station.

Something completely unpredictable for your everyday listeners.

Not safe. Dangerous.

Not predictable. As far from predictable as you can run.

I think you’re gonna like this new job description: unpredictable and dangerous!