It takes curiosity to learn. It takes courage to unlearn.

Learning requires the humility to admit what you don’t know today.

Unlearning requires the integrity to admit that you were wrong yesterday.

Learning is how you evolve. Unlearning is how you keep up as the world evolves.” ~ Adam Grant

Obviously, we’ve seen evidence of this rear its ugly head in our nation and in nations around the world in the past few years.

No matter which side of an issue we’re on, we’ve become intransigent and judgmental, demonizing everything that counters what we believe are facts.

We can all be more open to learning and unlearning.

I remember when Radio “experts” proclaimed the danger of playing any two female songs back-to-back telling us it would hurt listening.

I remember when Radio “experts” told us women didn’t want to hear other women on the air, and warned of ratings disaster if you had two female air talents back-to-back on your station.

I continue to hear “experts” proclaim any jock talk longer than 7 seconds, or 15 seconds, or how many ever seconds they pluck out of the air today, will make most listeners hit the button and leave your station.

Just as America needs less rigidity and defensiveness, Radio needs leaders with courage and curiousity don’t you think?