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Making ripples

How many people cross your path every day?

People you know, and love.

People you’ve never seen before, and may never see again.

People you don’t even notice, part of the blur that surrounds the busy-ness of your life.

Here’s the deal…

you can choose to go through life hoping you never ripple the surface, doing the bare minimum required, staying guarded and separate and safe.

Or, you can choose to risk the pain and rejection that sometimes comes when you’re noticed.

You can dive into the messiness of the lives that intersect with yours, and resolve to leave at least one better off today because you were there.

Even if the two of you only manage to tread water together.

Today, you can choose to add to the cynicism and negativity that surround all of us, or stand up on the side of optimism and hope.

Even if you encourage only one person and face the ridicule of the rest.

We all have the choice.

But you have the stage.

Use it.

Use it for more than liners and temperature checks.

Be the difference someone needs you to be today.

Be unforgettable.