Unexpected Joy

Every day…



This is you, actually. That’s the point.

You have an opportunity every day to provide unexpected joy, and because it’s unexpected, it’s all the more memorable.

Whether you’re performing to hundreds of thousands going to or from work, or hundreds of thousands who spend a bit of time with you while at work, you hold the possibility of spreading joy.

Do you think of what you do that way?

Do you see each 2-minute break as your performance for a huge audience?

You need to.

What can you do — what will you do — to delight them with something so surprising and joyful that they can’t wait to share that joy?

That’s the crux of your preparation.

If you’re not up to that, every day, every break of every hour, you’re in the wrong business.

If you just need a little help, a supportive push that takes you out of the monotony of sameness and clichés into the frightening, wonderful space of attempting real emotional connection, call me.

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