The paradox of love…


One year ago today, I lost someone I loved to pancreatic cancer.

More importantly, his family lost someone they thought they could not live without.

He was young, too young anyway for death to call his name.

The last time I saw him, a few days before he died, I asked if he was afraid.

“No,” he said after a long pause. “Disappointed.”


Life will knock you to your knees, more than once for most of us.

It doesn’t matter how much we want to stop time.

It doesn’t matter how much money we can spend.

Faith cannot change the outcome, only how we handle it.


I just wanted to share my respect for a life well lived, a death faced with courage and grace.

Love made Greg unafraid for himself. His love was focused outward, to his wife and daughters.

Love seared an unbreakable bond, unbreakable even in death, in the hearts and souls of his family, of all who loved him.

And, somehow, almost incomprehensibly, Love will help them endure an inconsolable loss and will stay with each of them until it takes their hands too, and leads them finally home.