Ukraine Needs Us

One year ago…


One year ago today, Putin unleashed war upon the people of Ukraine.

Why? Simply because he could.

THIS is the threat he fears, the reason for his missiles and bombs.

For a year, he’s been targeting schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, energy stations and aid workers.

Putin wants to so demoralize the civilian population that they give up and let him have what he wants.

The entire year is one massive war crime, attacking, slaughtering civilians who did nothing to provoke this invasion.

But Putin discounted the courage of the Ukrainian people. He did not appreciate the resolve of their leaders. He did not expect their resilience.

They cook over open fires outside their cold, darkened buildings. They sleep in subway stations, underground. They teach their children by candle and flash light.

My God, they are inspiring!

We, here safe and warm, must be stronger now than we were then in our support of the people of Ukraine.

Please keep them in the front of your mind.

I know there are so many worthy causes now, so many people need help in Turkey and Syria, images of starvation and homelessness around the world…

but the attack on Ukraine is an attack on democracy. It’s ‘Putin fascism’ raising it’s ugly head again in Europe, daring America and our NATO allies to stop him.

Please help, weekly if you can.

If you tithe, maybe your church can survive without that money given this urgent need.

Maybe you can donate what you would spend at Starbucks this week. Maybe choosing to skip one evening out – restaurants, tips, valet, babysitters – and donating what that would have cost to save a life in Ukraine next week.

We are the most generous people on earth because most of us can be.

It’s a matter of remembering what’s happening far from the safety of our warm homes and resolving to help as we can.

You will find a list of charities you can trust HERE and HERE.

Thank you for caring.

Thank you for helping.

Glory to Ukraine!