TV Ratings

True or not?

Nielsen is partnering with Adobe Analytics to begin measuring all digital devices and streaming platforms on which we could watch video content.

What does that mean?

Well, for my son, who watches most content he loves on a computer or iPad, his viewing would now be added to the ‘normal’ audiences who watch those show on a TV in the family room.

You can read the details of this partnership HERE.

I’m hoping that Nielsen will also find ways to make radio listening measurement more accurate. Careers ride on data from an absurdly small sample, and even if those numbers are true, nothing we’re doing now measures real listener engagement.

Passive Muzak content does not reflect passion; it doesn’t even reflect real listening. If I walk into a business, or cubicle inside a business, where someone is ‘listening’ to radio, am I really listening?

Does Radio care?

I think we should.

I think we need better quantitative data but I also think we need to find ways to get a closer look at passion and engagement, all the qualitative things that help sales and programming do their best work.