And never ever the same…

I’ve mostly dashed through my life, running through airports, distracted and unaware.

Hurried, worried, sometimes tripped up and off course.

But someone — something — pulls me back to where I’m meant to be.

You see, there’s always been a compass somewhere that guides me, that guides us, each of us, and luckily, mine seems to work best the more lost I am.

Here’s what I believe, even if I can’t prove it…

What lies at the end of this race we run, no matter when we cross the finish line, isn’t bad.

We don’t need to fear it.

Any longing we feel is based on concern for those whom we most love, for the journey they must continue on their own, the journey that inevitably separates us.

The whole point is the deep connection. One, solitary connection. One life-changing connection.

Your job is not to touch everyone at once. Do you understand?

Radio has always been the most personal of media. The very best in our business make you feel as if you’re the only person in their world.

It turns out that touching one person at a time is also the best way to live your life outside of Radio. The happiest people I know make deep connections over and over. They change your life — and their own — by loving you.

Your gift is the opportunity you will have today to touch one heart in such a way that it will never quite be the same again. To hold up their compass to them so they can find their way.


The best part?

It’s impossible to touch without being touched.

That’s the beauty, the grace, isn’t it?

Only took me half my life to figure it out…