Too Much To Watch

And it’s getting worse!


I’ve reached the point where there are too many really good TV shows to watch them all.

Between HBO, Netflix, Amazon, BBC America, PBS, and FX, I’ve had to start electing never to start watching a series because I know I just don’t have time to watch it every week.

And shows I’ve watched for a season or two (BILLIONS comes to mind) that aren’t all that compelling or which have become predictable and a bit boring, I’ve given up.

Binge watching series on Netflix and Amazon is a good way to spend time on international flights, but then I’m giving up reading — which I’m not willing to do.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could say the same thing about Radio.

That there are so many great air talents and radio stations in our town we simply don’t have time to check them all out even once a week.

The fact that those two sentences probably made you laugh or snort in derision says a lot about the product we’re offering out listeners, huh?

So, how are you evaluating your own show?

What are you doing to make certain it’s still unpredictable enough to generate daily listening and buzz?

We all have more choices than time today.

Forget that at your own peril.