To Disagree Silently

To Disagree Silently

The definition of disloyalty.


Watch this:

To think Radio could not learn from Netflix is ridiculous.

Yes, our businesses are different. They have paid subscribers and we have listeners who have nothing to lose by switching to another station.

And that is the point.

Our hope should be that by offering superior content, which by definition in our age of streaming music services must mean spoken content, we increase the value of the listeners’ decision to invest their attention in our product.

By reducing the amount invested in all content that comes between songs, we are lessening the value of that attention.

And it gets less valuable every day.

Netflix has found the way to grow, not by mailing more DVDs to more viewers, but by investing in their own  proprietary content. You can only see it by subscribing.

And this year, Netflix is investing 8 BILLION dollars in that content, an investment that is increasing exponentially each year.

Radio has found the way to hang on by reducing their investment in proprietary content, and that investment is decreasing year by year.

Which do you think has a brighter future?