This Time Tomorrow

The breaking of the day might bring you sorrow…


My mom’s birthday is today. I lost her several years ago.

She taught me most of the things I love, like music.

She taught me courage.

She taught me to laugh every day, especially at yourself.

She taught me to share, to give to others, to help when help is needed.

She taught me love:

When the fire inside that burns so bright begins to grow faded
It can be hard to see the ground on which you stand
Though you may not be afraid of walking in the darkness
You will feel like a stranger in this land

You can try to carve a faith out of your own
But a broken spirit may dry out the bone
And the edges of the night may cause you sorrow
You know I may not be around this time tomorrow
But I’ll always be with you
I’ll always be with you.
~ Brandi Carlile