This Just Isn’t Supposed To Happen

But it does, and we do nothing to try to stop it.


I cannot understand how our country can still allow private ownership of weapons specifically designed for war.

I live 25 minutes away from Columbine High School but even if we’d never lived through that, or then the horror of Virginia Tech, or…sadly, the list seems endless in our country.

Even if we’d never known any of those horrors, this alone should be enough to demand some reasonable change to our laws.

Are we so suspicious of our own government that we would rather deal with the slaughter of 6- and 7-year-old kids, inside their classrooms, than change our laws to ban private ownership of assault weapons?

Not deer rifles, not actual hunting rifles, but weapons whose original design was for war.

Just because a weapon can be used for hunting doesn’t mean that was its original purpose and it’s disingenuous to argue otherwise. I’m sure armed drones could be used for hunting deer, but that doesn’t mean every private citizen should own one, equipped with multiple hell-fire missiles.

Do we really want our children to go to schools that look more like armed military camps than places of learning? Do we really want every teacher armed, every class to have its own AR-15 with loaded clips?

Is our resistance to any sort of logical gun control so strong that this seems like a good idea?

Why does any hunter require high capacity bullet clips? If you need 30 or more shots, pulling the trigger as fast as you can, you either need glasses or more target practice before heading out in deer season.

Why would Congress want any private citizen to have 30-bullet magazines?

The murderer at Sandy Hook fired 154 shots in less than 5 minutes.

Each of the little victims at Sandy Hook had between 3 and 11 bullet wounds. Each one!

Why in the world would President Trump sign an executive order making it easier for the mentally ill to buy guns?

What is wrong with us?


How many lives must be lost to our national paranoia?


I don’t think you can watch the full film without tears; I couldn’t.

Who can see what these parents suffered — still suffer — and not feel grief, not ache with compassion and the need to do something that makes it harder for this to ever happen again?

Only the shooter, I think.

Only the hardest of hearts.


I originally posted this almost a year ago, on April 5, 2017.

The documentary “Newtown” is available on Netflix and Amazon.

Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day massacre was the 18th mass shooting in an American school this year.

Say it out loud: 18 mass shootings in American schools THIS YEAR!

After the mass slaughter of 58 concert attendees in Las Vegas last year, our Congress couldn’t even agree to ban bump-stocks, a device whose only purpose is turning an already lethal semi-automatic long gun, like the AR-15, into a fully automatic killing machine.

This only happens this often here, in America.

It’s not just the shooters that are insane in our nation.




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