This Is Us

Bucking the trend…


My work travel makes watching TV series a bit difficult.

I have a Sling Box and Dish Anywhere that I can use when I’m out of the country, and of course there’s Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it takes a really special broadcast TV series to hook me.

Last year, I had so many friends telling me about the NBC show, This Is Us, that I binge-watched Season 1 while at home recently.

Without exception, each person — male and female — who recommended the show because they loved it so much, warned me that it would make me cry.

It had made them cry. Big, tough men, telling me a TV show had made them cry.

And that, in fact, was one of the reasons they loved it so much!

Consider this review from The Week: “This Is Us is surely the weepiest show in recent memory. And yet every episode delivers at least one moment of human drama so real that it could penetrate the most leaden heart.”

And this, from Ad Age. October 20, 2017:

While the average delivery of viewers in the sought-after 18-to-49 demo is down 15 percent compared to the year-ago period, shows like NBC’s “This Is Us” and ABC’s new medical drama “The Good Doctor” have flipped the script on the ratings narrative.”

“Last season’s lone unequivocal breakout hit, “This Is Us” through the first four episodes of its sophomore run is averaging 11.4 million viewers and a 3.2 live-plus-same-day rating, which works out to 4.12 million adults 18 to 49. That marks a 19 percent improvement over the show’s year-ago demo deliveries and establishes “This Is Us” as broadcast TV’s highest-rated drama series.

And, of course, when you produce content people love so much they miss it when it’s gone, you make lots of money:

NBC’s enthusiasm for “This Is Us” has been contagious. According to media buyer estimates, the average upfront unit cost for a 30-second commercial in the show was just shy of $400,000 a pop, a rate hike of 45 percent compared to the $272,000 a half-minute of air-time fetched during the inaugural season.”

The evidence is irrefutable and everywhere around us.

When you create content that is authentically, dramatically emotional, the audience will find you.

What’s stopping you from creating content like this on your station?

Give me an email address and name/title and I’ll send this to them…

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