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How It Ends

How It Ends



If you’re a fan of films, you’ll enjoy this:

Here’s the take-away for you: The mood you leave your listeners with at the end of your bit is important because it’s how they will remember you.

Always — always — know how any bit you start will end.

Always know the emotion your listeners will feel at that instant.

That’s most easily done by actually writing it down, even if it’s only a one-word cue, and working backwards to the beginning.

“But,” you say, “that will sound so stilted and scripted. My show doesn’t work that way.”

Fine. I get it. Just make sure each team member knows where you’re going, what emotion you’re heading towards, and who will deliver the payoff so they know when to shut up.

The feeling you leave listeners with is important.

That’s why getting to that feeling in the best way matters.