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This Is Terrifying

This Is Terrifying

In the Age of AI


One of the problems of our embrace of instant gratification is that we don’t focus on, much less even think about, important things.

If you did not see Frontline on PBS this week, you need to. Seriously.

Turn off your phone, put down your device, and watch this program:

If you use Facebook, or Twitter, or Amazon, or search for things on Google, or visit a doctor, or a bookstore, or watch stuff on YouTube, or buy groceries at a grocery store, you need to understand what is happening without your knowledge.

This is not terrifying only because AI threatens even greater income inequality in the coming decade, but because of how it is fundamentally changing every facet of your life.

Democracy cannot be sustained with an uninformed or ill-informed electorate.

Our world is changing, dramatically, right now, under our noses, and we are blithely clicking on Like buttons and emojis and allowing it to happen, for our convenience.

We have made a terrible bargain.

We can only change our future when we understand that bargain we’ve made.

This program, less than 2 hours, is the place you should start.