This Is It!

The perfect radio show…

It’s very difficult to explain intangibles without using metaphors. It’s one reason coaching radio talent is so difficult.

Athletic coaching is almost always about mechanics, technique. Acting coaches rely on training you to find and release what is already inside you in another form, suffusing you with confidence to reveal parts most of us hide.

But how to coach radio talent? It’s unlike any other form of show business and most of those in charge of talent have no training in either talent or management.

Now I’ve found something that can help any radio talent or talent coach become better.

It’s a film, and it’s in French, subtitled in English, meaning 99% of you won’t bother to watch it. That makes it even better for the 1% who will.

It’s been out over a year. It’s won awards. I’ll show you the trailer, but that doesn’t really prepare you for what you will learn from watching the film in full.

If you want to understand my points, watch the full film, all the way through, at least once.

Here’s the coaching points worth noting:

  • It is exuberant. Like some of the best air talent I’ve known (Bobby Rich, Dr. Don Rose, the exuberance of the main personality in this film makes it impossible not to like him, not to root for his success.
  • It is unpredictable, sprinkling in enough surprises to keep your interest.
  • It is emotional, but not sad or depressing. A little sad goes a long way.
  • It is believable. It never seems to be something untrue or less than authentic, perhaps because it’s based on a true story.
  • It is full of rich characters, but the stars command your attention and the vast majority of the “air time.”
  • It makes you laugh at times but it is not a comedy, nor is it trying to be. It’s more complex entertainment than that.
  • It makes you think by drawing you to places you don’t normally go on your own.
  • It is warm, meaning you feel better not only while watching it, but afterwards too. The glow persists and you remember why.

If you are talent, or you coach talent, do yourself a favor. Rent this movie. Turn off your cell phone. Remove yourself from distraction. Watch, and learn.