This is Important but THIS is Essential

Do you know?

I was listening to Colorado Public Radio when I heard it: “Listeners are important, but members are essential.”

What an insight.

It may have been written for her. Public Radio survives and thrives through membership, those willing to pledge a set amount of money annually.

And CPR may be in one of their semi-annual, seemingly endless pledge drives.

Here’s the thing though: This post is not really about public radio.

It’s about you and your station.

Listeners are important, but members are essential.

What does your commercial station do to make your most enthusiastic, most loyal listeners feel special?

What can you do to give them a sense of membership to your special club?

We all know about the 80/20 Rule. PPM hasn’t changed that.

We get so bogged down with all the urgent things we have to do before we can leave our office today, we’re left with very little time to ponder what is most important: Members. Listeners that feel they belong, so much so that they would be willing to send their hard-earned money to keep your station on the air.

Every great air talent I’ve ever heard creates this kind of feeling, this sense of belonging. Every great station too.

Listeners are important, but members are essential.

If you need help starting, let’s talk, because this should be at the very top of your priority list.