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They Shall Not Grow Old

They Shall Not Grow Old



The director, Peter Jackson, best known probably for bringing Lord of the Rings to film, has produced a work that is literally stunning:

As far as I can tell, this film, created with such care, is only being shown on two days this year, and one of them – December 17 – has already passed.

So, tomorrow – December 27 – is your last chance to see this film in a theater.

I hope that it will also be available on Amazon Prime and Netflix at some point, but I’m not certain of that.

You can find out where the film is playing in America HERE – and in the UK HERE.

The story of WW1, now shown in painstakingly restored in recreated color, is really the story of the 20th century; the things that happened during, and because of, this war continue to shape our lives today in so many ways.

It decimated the populations of an entire generation of young men in Europe.

It directly led to the rise of the authoritarianism and fascism that led to WW2, threads of which we feel echoed even now in most western democracies.

You won’t be able to reach me tomorrow. I will be at the theater. I hope you will too.

And if you’re interested in how Peter Jackson created this stunning, true documentary, he talks about there HERE. (subscription may be required)