They Gave Her A Show

And it became the biggest hit in almost a decade.


It is daytime TV’s first bona fide hit in 7 years! But why?

Because Kelly Clarkson is completely authentic every minute of every show.

She’s as far from a Kardashian as it’s possible to get.

She’s not afraid of emotion. To the contrary, she cries all the time.

She is as open and vulnerable as it’s possible to be in front of millions of people.

She doesn’t sound like other TV hosts. She doesn’t look like other TV hosts.

She’s not trying to be anyone other than who she is, and that comes through every single day.

There’s so many lessons Radio can learn from this.

We worry about accents, and crying on-air, and honest opinions.

We spend much of our time hiding who we really are, afraid of rejection and negative phone calls, and what other people in our business will say about us.

Watch this music video she made:

Did you notice she’s barefoot?

She is not afraid to be who she is. She is not trying to project an image she thinks people will like.

TV found a talented person, who can sing, and put her in front of cameras and an audience and let her be herself.

Can your station do that?

Can you find really talented, interesting, unique people, give them a microphone and let them be who they are?

I sure hope so.





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