They Call Him ‘Slomo’

Wait until you see what happens next…


It’s a trap, actually.

Once we start running in the hamster wheel of life, we think we can’t get off.

Most of us never even realize we’re in it, that we’re living for what other people think of us rather than what makes us happiest.

You may think he’s nuts. You may think I’m nuts.

Or you may think, hmmmmm…how long has it been since I did what really makes me happy?

How am I trying to connect to the divine as often as I can every day I have left?

As long as you think, regardless of what you think, this has been useful.

Life is short, too short to waste time working for people you don’t respect in order to maintain a lifestyle that doesn’t make you happy so that people you mingle with think you’re “successful.”

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