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These Guys Are Killing It

These Guys Are Killing It

Raking in the dough!


Yesterday, we had a link to a story that explains how Spotify could lose a BILLION dollars in just two years.

Today, I want to share the story of the one subscription-based music service that is actually killing it,

Take a guess, and then click HERE.





In fact, there’s really only one major competitor in the modern musical universe that manages to maintain massive subscriber numbers and simultaneously post a healthy profit, and its name is SiriusXM.”

“Yep, you read that right: The best music service in business is a glitzed up radio conglomerate with exclusive rights to Howard Stern.”

“With over 32 million subscribers, the publicly traded company has seen steadily increasing share prices over the past decade, with a reliable profit stream and a total value of around $27 billion.”

Imagine that: a music subscription service built on the talents of a Radio DJ is vastly more profitable than those built on a music-only model.

Who wouldda thunk it?