There’s A Hero

inside each of us.


I won’t lie: This will make you cry.


Most of what we hear about professional athletes isn’t flattering to them or to mankind in general.

But I think this — what Carson Wentz did for this little boy — happens more often than we know.

Tom Rinaldi finds these stories and tells them with sensitivty and grace.

You can too. You just have to ask. You just have to look.

Be someone’s hope.

Be someone’s hero by connecting them with people you can access with one phone call.

Then share their stories, not to pat yourself on the back but rather to remind us of the lives we don’t often enough see.

The struggles. The loss. The courage it takes to go on.

You have a stage. You have a voice. You have a website and thousands of followers.

Use it. Remind us of our humanity, our own better natures. We need it now. Right now.


I don’t know about you, but I will be rooting for Carson Wentz as long as I live.

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