There’s An App For That

Except in radio…

If we’re serious about moving onto mobile devices — phones and tablets — shouldn’t we be investing in apps that make the experience of listening to a stream better?

How about an app that let’s you see a song’s passion score and the next time it’s scheduled to play?

An app that alerts you every time specific songs of your selection are about to be played?

An app that automatically enters you in all contests featuring “drawings” on your station?

An app that automatically plays the video of the song you’re hearing?

An app that gives you flash deals at local merchants, giving you a 2-hour alert for each one?

An app that lets you go back and record any great content heard on your station and then forward it with one click to friends and family?

I’m sure you have dozens of great ideas stations could use. Is anyone working on any of this?

And if you doubt that mobile devices are our future, watch this: