Their Greatest Generation


When World War 2 started for America on December 7, 1941 an entire generation of men and boys enlisted to defend our nation against its attack by Japan.

They eventually also gave their lives to defeat fascism across the Atlantic, ending the dictatorship of Hitler and liberating France, Belgium, the Netherlands and most of western Europe.

They were ordinary guys, our fathers and grandfathers, just like you and I.

It’s easy to forget that.

It’s easy to forget that they were bakers and plumbers, artists and mechanics, students and teachers, doctors and lawyers, farmers and writers.


I’m aware that increasing numbers of Americans are beginning to tire of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

We’re tired of providing billions in aid. We’re tired of hearing about the latest atrocities and threats of nuclear annihilation by Russian despots.

We want to move on already. We want it all to be over.

But it’s not over!

And Ukraine still needs our help. They are fighting for their country’s freedom and if Americans can’t support that, what can we support?

Putin believes, possibly factually, that America will change after the 2024 election and that his aggression will then be tolerated without American support for those dying to protect their land from being absorbed under this authoritarian dictator.

Don’t let it be so.

Please keep Ukraine at the very front of your concerns.

Please keep donating to the aid groups helping sustain Ukrainians, ordinary people to whom war happened without provocation.

Ukraine is not asking us to fight for them, as we thought we had to in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. They are only asking for the means to defend themselves.

They will do the fighting. They will do the dying. But please don’t make them do it alone.

Do what you can when you can.

Please stay the course. Without you and I, they are lost.