The Year In Pictures: 2020

A world in distress:


Amazing, heartbreaking and hopeful, THESE are the Best AP Photographs of 2020.

And HERE are the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Awards. (The photograph of that caretaker comforting the last north white rhino on the planet as he is dying broke me.)

The Atlantic’s Top 25 News Photos of 2020 – Part 1Part 2…and Part 3.

You may need a subscription to see 2020 in Photos: A Year Like No Other in the New York Times (but I hope not, because it has some great photographs!)

And click HERE for the Most Striking Pictures of 2020 from the BBC.

From The Times, in London: A Year Like No Other; 2020 in Pictures.

The best science images of 2020 from Nature.


THIS will make you smile and feel better. I promise!