The World’s Best Commercials 2012-13

As voted at the Cannes Lions Awards last month…

I won’t share all of the winners in all of the categories; there’s too many. But here are some of my personal favorites.

IKEA: “Playin’ With My Friends”

PETA: won in the Public Service category for this powerful, moving, upsetting ad, “98% Human”

GUINESS: “Cloud” — I don’t quite get it, but I loved “Edward Scissorhands” and I love the read…

GETTY IMAGES: Because I love stories, and clearly this agency does too… “85 Seconds”

CREDIT SUISSE: A re-telling of the classic story of the goddess Diana and the hunter Acteon, beautifully shot, very expesnvie. “Metamorphosis”

DOVE: Has been producing some wonderful, emotional stuff for quite a while now, and this fits right in. “Camera Shy”

SCHWEPPES: My personal favorite, just because it’s so fun and wildly creative… “Tumble”

So, which gets your vote, and why?