George Johns: Creating Great Radio

A free Masters course in creative (and fun) programming!

Regular readers know that I greatly admire George Johns.

It’s really hard to create a truly special radio station, and he did it many times, in different cities, and none of them sounded like any of the others. To me, that’s genius.

George’s blog is like a Masters course in Radio, especially Radio Talent. Each post contains one or two pearls of wisdom un-shelled in George’s inimitable style. Like these from his post a couple of weeks ago entitled, “90% Of The Folks Don’t Care Enough To Listen!“:

Speaking of Mr. Business Man, I wonder if he is smart enough to give Jeremy Lin a raise right now since in a few weeks not only does he have the Knicks rolling but the worth of the team has gone up by several million. I know I wouldn’t want Jeremy bummed at this moment.”

Think George is talking about basketball there or radio? How often do we discover stars — almost always accidentally, like Jeremy Lin — and then figure out how to pay them as little as possible?

Is Radio even looking for “stars” in 2012? Stars cost big bucks and the whole point now seems to be to spend as little as possible.

Speaking of celebrities you would think they would all be a little tougher skinned by now. Hell, you’re never anybody if you don’t have almost as many people hating you as loving you. Just getting them to know your name is the hard part.” (For proof of that, check out this Harris Poll on most liked, and disliked, personalities on TV)

“Speaking of folks disliking you…If you had a 10 share with your radio station that would probably make you #1 in most markets in America but would still mean 90% of the folks don’t like you enough to even listen to you for a few moments. Hard to believe a radio personality could develop a large ego from those kind of facts.”

Friends have asked me why I keep sending potential clients to another consultant. Here’s why: I know George knows how to create great radio stations, and right now Radio needs as many great stations as we can produce.

George Johns can help you create great radio.

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