The Whole World is Watching

And we still need to help.


Today marks 31 years of independence for Ukraine. Ukraine’s Independence day.

It also marks 6 months since Putin invaded this sovereign nation, intent on destroying as much of its infrastructure, and killing as many Ukrainians — especially civilians: the aged, children, ordinary citizens — as he can.

Putin has targeted hospitals, schools, apartment buildings and cultural centers. The world has evidence of Russian war crimes, with more being committed every day.

The great surprise has been the courage, passion and resiliency of ordinary Ukrainians in the face of this petulant, needless slaughter.

Putin’s War has cost Russia dearly and there’s no evidence the toll will slow him down. After all, his life isn’t at risk.

It’s impossible, really, for those of us living in American suburbs to imagine what life has been like for Ukrainians who, like us, have ordinary jobs, wives, husbands, children, fathers and mothers, grandparents, extended families, friends at work – all who can be attacked at any hour of any day. Tens of thousands have been killed.

Millions of women and children, and the elderly who are able, have fled to neighboring nations, like Poland and Romania, while men of fighting age have stayed behind to defend their nation’s freedom, Ukraine’s independence.

We have such short attention spans now. It’s easy to skip over that story about the latest missile attack or Putin’s enraged threat of the day.

But Ukrainians need us now more than ever.

Us. You and I. Ordinary human beings.

And the ways we can help are as varied as our personalities and occupations.

6 months ago, I asked you to start with this group. They have done so much good, under fire and at risk, and they are still doing so today. Click HERE to see for yourself.

Please. Help if you can with whatever amount you can share.

Especially today, Ukraine’s Independence Day. Don’t wait.

The whole world is watching and if we respond as a world, perhaps this fascist slaughter can be stopped.

It’s the least we can do.

Glory to Ukraine!