The Way Forward

First, a look backwards…

Last Tuesday, in a post titled, The Failure of Consolidation, I said the hope for the future of radio lies in breaking up the largest consolidated groups so that smaller owners more committed to local operation can jump back in.

In an interview published by INSIDE RADIO later that same week, David Benjamin agreed with just about every point I had made.

I say that not to brag. I don’t know David, though based on this interview, I wish I did. He definitely sounds like my kind of broadcaster.

I say it because it gives me — and it should give you — hope.

You can read David’s interview HERE. Thanks to INSIDE RADIO for allowing me to republish it.

The people who know how to make local radio work spectacularly well are getting back in. Not massively, but you will see it more and more often, especially if one of the “big boys” of consolidation hits the wall and finally has to start paying off its loans.

People who believe in local radio being local, with local talent, and real local community involvement are the key to our future, and they want back in.

That is great news worth sharing.