The Voices That Matter

Turn down the noise…

It’s difficult to find even one Seth Godin blog post that isn’t valuable, which is pretty amazing. And this one is definitely worth reading and re-reading.

Your radio station has two constituences, two critics worth your attention and time: Listeners and Advertisers.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks. That includes your Regional VP, your President of Programming, and/or your consultant.

It only matters that you create a product that is so remarkable within your listening community that everyone who hears it loves it, and more important, feels compelled to evangelize about it. The need to share this incredible station must be virtually overpowering and universal, meaning if your station went dark tomorrow, it would be greatly missed.

It matters that you create something that is unique and unpredictable, something irreplaceable, something that can withstand a full frontal assault from competitors.

It matters that you find a way to impact sales for those advertisers who support the station with their money, that you, and the Sales Department, are accountable for the success and/or failure of their campaigns.

All the rest is just ego and noise, and for most of us, the chirping’s been getting louder and louder lately.

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