The 2012 Viral Video Awards

And the Grand Prize winner is…


As Creativity Online says: “It turns out Google has made a difference in a lot of lives — and the smartest things its done as a marketer is to show exactly how.”

How can anyone not be pleased with this campaign?

You’d probably seen the Google Chrome spots, but you may not have seen this, which won an award for Best Use of Facebook Fan Power — a really innovative way to harness social media in brand-building: The Inside Experience…

How about an idea Radio used to own? Home For The Holidays always works because it taps the deepest emotions we all feel about reuniting with family.

The difference when COKE does it is, they spend the money to let the entire nation know and share in the emotion. This is worth watching to the end…

Tearing up?

Your station may not be able to afford the TV spots, but this promotion is still a winner. If you have a Flip camera, or even an iPhone, there’s no reason you can’t share emotion like this on your web site and YouTube.

If the content of the video is good enough, authentic enough, emotional enough, you don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars for a TV campaign.

If you engage me, make me feel something, I’ll spread the word to my social network, who’ll spread it to theirs, ad infinitum.

No more excuses.